Darts Billet Types

Darts Billet Types Picture

There are several 1000 designs to choose from when it comes to darts billet. You have barrels made in brass, nickel, nickel – silver, tungsten nickel darts, and the latest tungsten – titanium. Tungsten darts is the most popular today.

What is the difference between tungsten and brass darts you may ask??
Tungsten is twice as dense / heavy. Barrels made of tungsten will therefore be half the size, resulting in closer grouping and higher scoring. Beginners normally start with brass darts and then advance to the more expensive tungsten ranges, once they have developed basic playing skills.

Why are darts made from different percentages of tungsten??
The higher the percentage, the slimmer the dart will be, resulting in increased higher scoring chances. A90 % tungsten darts will be slimmer than an 80 %
Tungsten is twice as heavy as brass. This means that the barrels are much slimmer then brass and it's easier to get good grouping when you throw. Here is more information about the tungsten material.

Brass darts billet The dart billet made by brass, this type of darts is cheap and can be a good investment when you start throwing darts. You can try out different shapes, weights and it does not cost as much as nickel and tungsten darts. It's also available in most designs torpedo, cylinder etc.

Messing – Chrome Dart Billet
The dart billet made by messing-chrome, this is messing darts with chrome alloy and the darts have some better grip. This type of darts is often used by advanced players. The barrels are a little bit smaller than regular brass darts.

Tungsten – Dart Billet
The dart billet made by tungsten, tungsten darts is used by most professionals today; the barrels have a slim design and are made for great grouping in the dartboard. When you buy a set of tungsten darts it's often 80% tungsten and up to 97% tungsten the higher the percent is the thinner the barrels are, and of course higher price.

Tungsten – Titanium alloy dart billet
The dart billet made by tungsten-titanium, this is tungsten darts with titanium alloy. This is the most expensive darts on the market today.
The titanium alloy makes the darts harder, better gripping and it's worth a try especially if you find a dart barrel you like.